The Far Side of Lemons


For me, one quote has come to mind time and time again through the years about when the world gives me lemons. Nope, not the one that you’re likely thinking about that involves lemonade, but the one from Friedrich Nietzsche who said: “what doesn’t kill memakes me stronger.” While I was in the midst of my life & belief system being turned upside down by divorce I discovered: You can’t run and cry. So I chose to run.

My friend Barbara Zabawa, recently interviewed me for her podcast, Lemon Spark. It’s about how “when life gives you lemons” 🍋 they may be used to spark a new life direction. One of my life’s most significant lemons was divorce. Now with gratitude and years of perspective taking, I can say that lemon was one of the best I ever had. Without that lemon I would have likely never earned an undergraduate, much less a graduate degree. Nor, would I have had the opportunity to make the wonderful life-long friendships with people from all around the world.

Many studies report that women are disproportionately impacted financially by divorce. At that time, as a (soon to be) first-generation college student and suddenly single mom of two, I could have easily contributed to those statistics.

As I pursued my undergraduate degree, I remember going to see my academic advisor at Ball State to sign up for the next semester’s classes. He was surprised when I came in with the document completely filled out, only needing his signature. Tom said, hey, that’s my job. I remarked, yah but, that’s my life.


The link above is to Barbara’s podcast, if you’d like to check it out. In the meantime I wish you many lemons and the mindful perspective needed to ignite the spark.