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Single Women Entrepreneurs

March 13, 2011 Uncategorized

According to author Erin Albert, single women entrepreneurs are one of the fastest growing demographics in the US.

Earlier this month, my husband and I traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to participate in Erin’s book launch party.  I’d never been to a book launch party before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  But, having grown up in Indiana it made a good opportunity to connect with old friends and to maybe make new ones.

Lisa Thornbury Clark and her mom drove up from Cincinnati to see me.  Lisa and I were in graduate school together at the Fisher Institute for Wellness at Ball State University.  My long-time friend Larry Grider, who still lives in Indianapolis joined me at the event as well.  Larry and I met about a million years ago when he was president of the Indianapolis Jay-Cee’s and I was president of the Hagerstown Jay-Cee’s.  Finally, after working together for nearly a year and never having met in person, Teresa Lovely drove up from Kentucky to confirm that we are both real people.  Teresa is the guest moderator for Health Promotion LIVE‘s “State of Wellness” series.  Teresa and I talk by phone regularly and spend at least one hour together each month during the State of Wellness webinars.

The book launch party was awesome.

Most of the women profiled in Erin’s book made it to the party making it a very special occasion.  It was great meeting so many amazing women from around the country.  What could be better: my favorite husband Joe, good friends and me on page 63. hehe…

I started HPCareer.Net shortly after moving with my two teenaged children half way across the country to the DC metro area, where I knew all of two people.

If you can’t find a job…  make one, I did.

You can buy Erin’s book on Amazon.

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