Seeing Happy – the Big Kiss


Last week I participated in IPPA, International Positive Psychology Association’s annual conference. It was uplifting to say the least. There is so much research going on and already published on: mindset, grit, gratitude etc. As you have gathered by reading my stories here, I believe in choosing happiness and living in gratitude. One way to do this is by noticing the beauty in the everyday.

Several weeks ago, I took this photo when we went to Davis Monthan Air Force Base to shop and get long overdue haircuts. Joe, with his still pretty high & tight cut didn’t take long so he wandered into the salon to wait for me. You’ve probably noticed the oversized images of beautiful people with beautiful hair on the walls of most salons, this one was no different. When I noticed him sitting in the chair just out of view to the bottom right corner of this photo I knew I had to capture this moment for posterity, so positioned him just so. You can see the result below.

Who could possibly see this image and not smile or even LOL, laugh out loud.

During the IPPA conference Dr. Martin Seligman mentioned SeeingHappy a new website which encourages people to take and share photos of what makes them happy. This morning I received an email stating Your photo BIG KISS has been chosen to be published on their instagram @seeing.happy! Check it out here:

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A challenge: notice, value, appreciate…. opportunities are all around us. They are just waiting for us to slow down, stop and appreciate them.