Michaela has dedicated her career to supporting health & wellness professionals and the industry at large. Her company HPCareer.Net is widely known as the leading resource for career opportunities in health promotion and related fields exclusively since 1999. Her focus has not gone un-noticed. Her certified small woman-owned business has more than 50,000 registered subscribers who are looking for their first or next career move.

Because most professionals find it challenging to keep current on industry trends and innovation once out of academia, in 2009, Michaela created Health Promotion LIVE, to provide free weekly webinars with Nationally and Internationally recognized experts on topics important to professionals in health promotion related fields including, Dan Pink, Dr. Casey Chosewood, Dr. Pam Peake and many others.

In 2012, she formed a new 501c3 nonprofit organization: State of Wellness, whose mission is to support evidence-based worksite health & wellness programs and facilitate collaboration among government and nonprofit organizations at the national, state & local levels.

In September 2013, Michaela was nominated for the White House’s Champion of Change in Public Health and Prevention.  Towards the end of 2013, she was hired by Ashlin Management Group as a consultant to serve as a Trainer and Subject Matter Expert for the CDC’s Work@Health Program.