NeoRythmn – Boosting Your Brain


During the 2020 year-long Groundhog year, like most I found myself struggling.  For a while I think I was just numb. As time passed I began feeling fed up with being a numb-head.

Even though I meditate daily I felt like I still needed something, support, but what?

I’ve always loved technology, and have had a Muse headband for sometime not to mention the Neuromeditation credential I earned in September of 2020. I began looking around and came across NeoRythm, a medical grade technology for stress relief, pain management, relaxation and better sleep.

I’ve been using it now for several months and I have to say, it really works.

It’s very different from the Muse which detects your brain waves like a eeg would and rewards you with nice calming bird songs.  The NeoRythm actually stimulates different parts of your brain to produce the brain waves associated with your desired state such as more awakeness, calm or pain relief.

Check out the NeoRythm review video on Youtube from Dr. Cody Rall, USN, Psychiatrist and fellow biohacker & group member.


I’ve used it when I just couldn’t turn off my brain to go to sleep. Recently I woke up with a headache which usually means I’ll be spending the day doing battle, but after only 30 minutes wearing the NeoRythm my headache was all but gone. I’ve found it to be very helpful when I need to wake up my brain in order to concentrate on a task requiring laser focus of attention.  The image to the left shows the different programs or protocols available within the phone app.  I haven’t tried all of them yet but am really appreciating the results so far.