Muse 2 Makes Learning to Meditate Easy


Why We LOVE Muse

We love the Muse brain sensing headband.  Everyone who works for State of Wellness has one and reports experiencing the wonderful benefits of a quieter, more focused mind, less stress and clearer thinking especially valued during these unprecedented times.

New to Meditation

If you have never meditated before or have tried and not found the success you’d hoped for,  you’ll love the immediate feedback that Muse provides, letting you know yes, you are doing it right. Through the Muse app you’ll hear the chirping birds providing immediate feedback (neurofeedback). As your confidence builds and you begin creating a daily meditation practice, you’ll notice moments, sprinkled throughout your daily life giving you little hints that yah, this is really working.

Save $30 on Muse

Visit the Choose Muse using this link to receive $30 off your purchase. The discount will show up in your cart at checkout. Need assistance choosing which Muse to choose? Contact us for assistance or schedule an introductory coaching call.