Michaela has dedicated her career to supporting health & wellness professionals and the industry at large. Her company HPCareer.Net is widely known as the leading resource for career opportunities in health promotion and related fields exclusively since 1999. Her focus has not gone un-noticed. Her certified small woman-owned business has [...]

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Featured in Two Books

          Michaela has been featured in two books: _Under The Radar: Starting Your Net Business without Venture Capital_, here (2001). and _Single Women Entrepreneurs_ (2010). She has been recognized for her "Outstanding Contributions of Technology" for the health education profession by the American Alliance for Health Education, health the Health Education [...]

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Certified Social Media Strategist

        In 2009, ambulance Michaela completed her CSMS with the Social Media Academy which has recently re-branded as: Society3 Academy.  It was a rigorous program.  Upon successful completion my knowledge and confidence were enhanced far beyond anything I could have accomplished on my own.  Thank you Axel Shultz for being such an [...]

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