iAwake Technologies is a pioneer in research into brain/mind sound technology. I love thie products.  Each new production brings together music and technology to calm and bring peace to the brain.  They combine psychoacoustics (how we hear,  perceive physiologically respond to sound) and energy medicine. Without getting too technical, let me just say click the … Read more

Muse 2 Makes Learning to Meditate Easy

Why We LOVE Muse We love the Muse brain sensing headband.  Everyone who works for State of Wellness has one and reports experiencing the wonderful benefits of a quieter, more focused mind, less stress and clearer thinking especially valued during these unprecedented times. New to Meditation If you have never meditated before or have tried … Read more

NeoRythmn – Boosting Your Brain

During the 2020 year-long Groundhog year, like most I found myself struggling.  For a while I think I was just numb. As time passed I began feeling fed up with being a numb-head. Even though I meditate daily I felt like I still needed something, support, but what? I’ve always loved technology, and have had … Read more

Basis: Super-Cell Supplement

The Future is Faster than you Think We consume books at our house.  We don’t actually eat them but are always on the lookout for interesting new finds.  In early 2020 we began reading “The Future is Faster than You Think“.  This book explains how the technology for very futuristic concepts actually exists or is … Read more