Basis: Super-Cell Supplement


The Future is Faster than you Think

We consume books at our house.  We don’t actually eat them but are always on the lookout for interesting new finds.  In early 2020 we began reading “The Future is Faster than You Think“.  This book explains how the technology for very futuristic concepts actually exists or is amazingly close right now.  For example, the first chapter is on flying cars.  Of course, I hope one day to have a flying car of my own, the chapter on healthcare was especially interesting to me.  The audiobook included discussions after each chapter between the authors which is what convinced me to give Basis a try.


This summer I had a milestone birthday (not saying which one) and surprisingly, I’m not getting any younger, at least not chronologically.  Between  the pandemic, that birthday and this product’s impressive collection of top scientists convinced me to give Elysium Health’s Basis a try.  I’ve now taken Basis for nearly a month now and can’t say I feel any different, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Dietary Supplements

Generally, I am not a huge consumer of dietary supplements beyond water soluble vitamin B’s or C’s, so this is kind of a big deal for me.  https://share.elysiumhealth.com/x/8MXNdp  Please review their website for details. Full disclosure, the url is an affiliate link.