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Michaela Conley, MA specializes in evidence-based cognitive performance for individuals, teams & groups seeking to enhance their resilience and sustainability through challenging times. Her heart-centered approach to positive change is based in neuromeditation, neuro/biofeedback, energy psychology, lifestyle medicine, health education/promotion and happiness science. 

With advanced credentials in both science and education, Michaela has more than 25 years of experience supporting client’s success through skill building and behavior change to acquire, build and sustain new states of wellbeing. She is a self-identified insatiable life-long learner and continues to expand her scope of practice as a teacher, trainer, facilitator and coach. Currently, she serves as teaching faculty at the Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts, is a Master Trainer for the Diabetes Prevention Program and offers numerous courses throughout the year through State of Wellness.


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  • Center for Health & Wellness Law
  • National Association for Health & FItness

Curious, Early Adopter in apps & tools in neuroscience & education.


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