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Professional Development

Individual and Group

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Michaela helps organizations and individuals solve real-world problems through evidence-based tools and methodologies.  She is an experienced Master Trainer,  Interventionist, Consultant,  Educator, Facilitator and Intrinsic Coach in Health Education, Behavior Change and Lifestyle Medicine.

As a Certified Intrinsic Coach and Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, she is attuned to the essence of I>E>S valuing which permeates her work with both individuals and groups. By supporting others in the use of their own best thinking, choices are illuminated, change is embraced and sustained for the long-term.

Michaela is well-known in professional circles for her entrepreneurship and dedication to providing unbiased professional continuing education opportunities having interviewed experts and thought leaders from around the world live online.  

Also founded by Michaela, State of Wellness is one of only nine training entities working with CDC to build capacity by training Lifestyle Coaches to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Michaela is a masterful interventionist in lifestyle medicine. She was the first in the world (#0001) to sit for and earn the designation of Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in 2017.





Work Skills.


Being “in the moment” is critical when assisting clients as they discover new insights and better thinking.


As founder Michaela’s reputation as a provider of quality educational content was key in cultivating the relationship/MOU with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  State of Wellness Inc. is one of only 9 organizations who have signed MOU’s with the CDC to train Lifestyle Coaches to deliver the Evidence-based National Diabetes Prevention Program.


Virtual Study Groups provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities for professionals seeking to sit for either the Certified Health Education Specialist or Master Certified Health Education Specialist exam offered twice annually.  The multimedia approach provides learners with a multitude of learning options to prepare themselves for success.


Michaela’s extensive career in coaching includes both formal and informal roles as a coach and mentor helping professionals prepare for, attain and transition along their career paths.  In recent years, she has expanded her scope to encompass assessments including HRV, Heart Rate Variability, HeartMath, Values Profiling, Intrinsic Coaching, LEGO® Serious Play® facilitation among others to provide more robust and meaningful options for both individuals and groups.  Additionally, she is a skilled Lifestyle Medicine Interventionist in areas such as mindfulness, meditation, diabetes prevention, exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle based topics.


Dependability and trust are key components of Influencing anyone or anything.  Michaela established her relationship with the industry at large when she created Michaela, sometimes referred to as “Switzerland” for her unbiased approach to presenting information in a purely educational environment, regularly hosts thought-leaders and experts in her weekly webinars which are provided free of charge for anyone to access live or review later through the website archives.

+/y Entrepreneur
+/y Online Host



  • HMCT HeartMath Certified Trainer – HeartMath inc.

  • NBC-HWC National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • dip-ACLM Certified Lifestyle Medicine Diplomat – American College of Lifestyle Medicine #0001

  • CLYT/CLYL Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher/Leader – Laughter Yoga International #LY-001-MC-708

  • CVS Certified Valuation Specialist -Intrinsic Solutions International

  • CIC Certified Intrinsic Coach – Intrinsic Solutions International

  • MT Master Trainer – National Diabetes Prevention Program

  • LSP Trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator – Rasmussen Consulting

  • MCHES Master Certified Health Education Specialist – National Commission for Health Education Credentialing

  • CSMS Certified Social Media Specialist – S3 Social Media Academy

  • MA Wellness Management – Ball State University

  • BS Exercise Science – Ball State University

Board of Directors/Memberships/SIGS.

  • BOD, Center for Health and Wellness Law.

  • BOD, National Association for Health & Fitness

  • CDC Business Health Roundtable

  • HeartMath Institute

  • International Positive Psychology Association

  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine




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